Friday, June 17, 2011

First Impressions

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Last night I decided to make an impression both memorable and tangible. Perhaps my subconscious really wanted to be sure there was a reminder of my presence for all. First date- Now if you remember I normally don't blog about dates- but this one is all about me. Dinner, new shoes- Kuru (ever hear of them, if you haven't then you should super comfortable, ergonomically/anatomically based, stylish and enviro friendly- watch out Keen. then we stop by his place to check out his and his roommate's garden- and truly it was worth seeing. Before we get to the garden I am walking down the stairs in the house in socks on carpet and can you guess what happens next? Those stairs magically transformed into a slip and slide. My feet flew out from under me- rather violently- and I landing hard on my backside and back and found myself no longer at the middle of the stairs but at the bottom. I truly believe I set a personal record for best spills ever. If I was 80 years old that would have been a broken hip for sure. Bret turns around after I let out a bit of a squeal and finds me at the bottom of the stairs with my eyes closed not moving. I think I panicked him a little. I quickly stated that I was fine but initially he wasn't buying it because I was still not moving. Then he looked up and I followed his gaze and found the huge hole my elbow punched into the dry wall when I went spread eagle during my world record splay. Yep that's right- I punched a hole in the wall- literally leaving my first impression. I just wish I had a picture of the hole to go along with this blog. You will all be happy when I set your mind at ease that I turned out to be ok. A bruised tail to go with a even more red, embarrassed and bruised ego. I did spend the next half hour on a pack of frozen asparagus (courtesy of Josh- his roommate) to ice my throbbing right butt cheek. The wall- that didn't fair as well as I did. Now they have to tell the owner of the house- their roommate- and try to fix it before he gets home in a few days. Good thing they are handy boys. And that is my latest first impression.

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SRA said...

Beautiful. And I thought my getting entirely tongue-tied in such situations was unpleasant. :P