Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's Resolution

It's a new year. 2011. Not only is it a new year but it is a solid 16 days and counting into the new year. And, I haven't any resolutions for the year. It's true. I don't really like goal setting- I find myself at times overwhelmed at the prospect. But I do love the theory behind goal setting and new year's resolutions. Perhaps my resolution might be to start to set and meet goals. I had a friend once tell me about the studies done on setting and meeting goals. Goal setters have increased satisfaction and joy in life than non goal setters. AND there is little to no difference in the amount of satisfaction and joy gained by meeting small goals verus big goals. This has actually helped me start to make some small goals. For example- everytime I have gone skiing I have set a small goal for me to accomplish that day. In the beginning it was getting off the chair lift and making it down the hill. The next time it was to go down the green run 6x. And it continued on from there. I must admit- there has been a sense of success at the end of the day because of these goals. I could look at the fact that I am still a beginner and obviously so, but thanks to my goal setting I see it as an accomplishment. It does make my stand against goals start to weaken some. I wonder if there is a good formula for setting goals. I am sure there is an organizational behavior thesis out there on goal setting designed to help all theh poor people like me who sit there with a blank stare wondering what goals should I make when an attempt to write some out is made. Perhaps I have a serious case of goal writers block. I feel like I need to "look around at what other people wrote" and copy off their ideas. Truly am I the only one who suffers with this? Maybe the only one who will admit it. So I think I am going to stick with my new years resolution- as odd as it may sound- I resolve to start setting and meeting goals. Objective and measureable goals. Many small ones, a couple moderate ones, and perhaps one big goal. Now I just have to decided what they will be.

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SRA said...

My most-measurable goal this year is to pray and read my scriptures every day. I've taken a stab at it a few times the past couple years, but have eventually given up on keeping the streak alive...but, 16 days into 2011, this one is still going. Woo hoo.

I am not a goal-setter much either...mostly because I berate myself so much when something I want to do or change or whatever doesn't happen. We'll see how I react should the resolutions for this year go by the boards at some point.